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Toycon UK

Thankyou to all the artists and collectors that came by my stall last weekend it was great meeting you all and I hope you had as great of a time as I did,

All the Toycon pieces will be up on my shop very soon,



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The Baker Release.

This hard working little chap trundles around the streets of the capital city selling his wares straight from his built-in oven. He draws large crowds from far around his district who congregate around him, buying pastries as fast as he can bake them.

I‚Äôve had the idea for this figure knocking around the old brainbox for a while now and it‚Äôs good to actually see it realised, I hope you all like him, 🙂

This figure is currently up on my shop for £35,



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The Rust-lings Release.

‘This family of mechanical critters can be found waddling around the mechanical forest, picking up the small pieces of scrap metal that fall from the trees and building their dens with them.’

These little guys started out as some simple little clay doodles and eventually (through a lot of scrapped ideas) they became a whole series of different characters with a story binding them together, I hope you all like these cute little critters and enjoy their strange mechanical world.

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The Woodcutter Release

‘A sharp thumping sound echoes through the foggy woodland, a mechanical creature stands gripping an axe with both its tentacle-like arms. It swings the axe back and forth, repeatedly swiping at the trunk of a small dead tree in front of it. The tree falls and the creature begins to cut the smaller branches off of the trunk and feeds them into its wood-burning stove front.’

So it’s finally ready, The Woodcutter stands 4 inches tall and is hand cast in polyurethane resin. I’ve been working on this character for rather a while now and at long last it’s ready to be released. I’m dropping this piece alongside some resin Pocketwatch badges which I’m rather excited about as a pin collector myself. Both the woodcutter and the badges should be going up at the same time as this post, so go and check them out in my shop!

That’s all for now but there will hopefully be some more toys coming soon.


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Monsieur Meliés Release

So, after many many months of work I am finally ready to release ‘Monsieur Meli√©s’. This is a figure that I sculpted just over a year ago and have been working on it on and off ever since.

The idea for this toy is heavily inspired by French filmmaker Georges M√©li√®s’s 1902 film ”A Trip To The Moon”. I saw the¬†scene in that film where the rocket crash lands right in the Moon’s eye and immediately thought it would work very well as an art toy.

The figure was sculpted in Monster Clay, hand cast in polyurethane resin, and painted in standard high quality acrylics.

I am pleased to finally have finished this toy and I very much look forward to making more fantastical creations.

I hope you all enjoy the figure.