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The Woodcutter Release

‘A sharp thumping sound echoes through the foggy woodland, a mechanical creature stands gripping an axe with both its tentacle-like arms. It swings the axe back and forth, repeatedly swiping at the trunk of a small dead tree in front of it. The tree falls and the creature begins to cut the smaller branches off of the trunk and feeds them into its wood-burning stove front.’

So it’s finally ready, The Woodcutter stands 4 inches tall and is hand cast in polyurethane resin. I’ve been working on this character for rather a while now and at long last it’s ready to be released. I’m dropping this piece alongside some resin Pocketwatch badges which I’m rather excited about as a pin collector myself. Both the woodcutter and the badges should be going up at the same time as this post, so go and check them out in my shop!

That’s all for now but there will hopefully be some more toys coming soon.